Liver is the organ in most human body large and has a vital function in the regulation of metabolism body and other important processes for life.

Liver (Liver) also functions include:
• Eliminating toxins from the body.
• Energy storage.
• Formation of proteins and bile acids.
• Cholesterol metabolism regulation

  1. Acute hepatitis (A, B & C), caused by virus, and transmitted through food, blood or fluids (usually healed within 1- 3 months).
  2. Chronic hepatitis (D, E, F & G), usually found in people who infected with hepatitis B virus, the risk of causing cirrhosis (liver damage long-term).
  3. Fatty liver (also known as liver swelling), which changes the structure of the liver / liver to fat, the cause is obesity, diabetes, side effects from alcohol consumption, the effects of chemical drugs and metabolic abnormalities. If allowed to be at risk of cirrhosis.
  4. Cirrhosis of the liver or liver damage long-term (chronic), and can not recovered. The chances of cirrhosis patients can develop into liver failure or liver cancer.
  5. Liver cancer is cancer with the second highest mortality rate after lung cancer. Is a disease arising from abnormal growth of liver cells (liver). When 75% of liver function is affected then the liver stops to function and will lead to death.
• Skin or eyes yellowing.
• Fatigue.
• Loss of appetite.
• Weight loss.
• Nauseous vomit.
• Abdominal pain & flatulence.
• Fever, pain throughout the body.
• Itchy.

Risk of Liver Disease, such as hepatitis can be reduced by:
• Consumption of antioxidants and anti-virus, or get vaccinated and avoid relationships to change sexual partners.
• It is also important to manage a low-calorie diet regular exercise to avoid obesity that leads to fatty liver.
• In addition, avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages.
• Avoid as much as possible for body piercing or tattooing, if you want to pierce or tattoo the body, be sure to do it in place which has a guaranteed level of sterility.

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